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Welcome to EasyToCalculate.com, we appreciate your interest in writing for us. We are always looking for new contributors to join our team to enhance our content with high valuable information. That’s why we are selective with who we work.  If you are a scientist, educator, or a professional we would love to collaborate with you. 

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EasyToCalculate.com is an online free source that aims to educate people. We publish original content to reveal the best techniques on how to solve problems in regards to Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Economics & Finance. We favor articles that have deep and easy explanations on how to solve complex calculations that our readers can incorporate. 

What We Don’t Do

While we encourage our contributors to share tips and tactics they found most easy and useful in their hands therefore to avoid any conflict of interest our contributors may not mention any tool, product or service in any way without prior approval. This simply means that if you currently work for, represent, or are otherwise incentivized for mentioning a product, tool, or service, you may not include it in your article.That said, your article may include up to 2 links to content on your website, with the understanding that these links must be relevant to the subject at hand, and do not point to your main URL, a product landing page, or to content that is behind a lead generator (squeeze page). You might consider paid advertorial options.


We’re paying quite well for articles, the amount of payment for each article depends on its length, quality and originality and is agreed upon individually with each author. There’s no limitation on the amount of payment, as we are ready and able to pay well for quality articles.

What if you don’t need money?

It does happen. Even in this case, we are sure that we still be able to help each other. Our reputation in the market enables us to be truly multifaceted in our work. Just send us a message and we will discuss everything.

If you don’t need anything in return at all, then sharing your experience and knowledge is a valuable thing in itself. The Internet won’t forget your name.

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